By far Fluminalis is world's leader in the religious artifacts industry.
Joannes H.I.Peters started this company in 1972 and allready in the early eighties his first american cliënts flew in to Holland............

Fluminalis is supplier of nearly all the great dealers and especially of nearly all ecclesiastical authorities in the world !! Fluminalis was instructed to dismantle buildings with a religious character in Europe 118 times (monasteries, churches and chapels). So dealers are buying directly from the source !!  
Mark you ! Not any consecrated attribute is for sale for anybody ! No monstrances in a pub and no vestments at a festival !

Since 1972 Fluminalis is worldwide the leading company in selling complete interiors from churches, monasteries and castles. On a surface of 5000 m² you can make your choice in four directions:

• Church interiors: Complete furniture from religious buildings in NorthWest Europe.
• Art & Decoration: Many extravagant items for home, restaurant , theatre , film ,   extravagant interior or project.
• Garden ornaments: Old handmade iron gates, statues, stone bottles etc.
• Exentrics: Hearses, sleighs, etc.

Fluminalis is also owner of a real mediaeval church.