Looking for traditional Catholic altar for sale? We have a unique collection of Catholic altars and related items such as furniture, chalices etc. We have altars of all era’s, such as Gothic-, Romanesque-, Baroque- or neo-classical-style. Also altar-stones are part of our unique collection. See the actual collection on Catholic altars for sale.

An altar is any structure upon which sacrifices or other offerings are made for reliqious purposes. altars are usually found in churches, chapels, old temples and other sacred places. in many cultures from ancient times to the present day they were used in the reliqions. Most altars are carrying their tabernacle, the object in which the sacred bread (chalice and ciborium) is protected. the altar-cross (cruxifix) and a set of altar-candlesticks are decorating the offer-table. In many altars there are kept the relics of a saint (the whole altar is devoted to this saint): it is the altar-stone.there are various kind of altars: in wood, plaster,brass,sandstone,marble. in the catholic and anglican churches the altars are supplied with an upper hart (in the middle the tabernacle). They were made in many styles: romanesque, gothic and baroque; renaissance and all new-classicistical styles. 

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