Fluminalis Architectural and Decorative Antiques is one of the largest suppliers of antique, reclaimed and salvaged church antiques in Europe.

Large Collection Church Chandeliers. Fluminalis Church Antiques purchases, restores and supplies a range of antique light fittings. We are one of the Europe s leading suppliers antique lights and antique lamps. Our stock is on sale to both the trade and private customers. Please ask for the possibilities.

worldwide the biggest supplier of church interiors and furniture since 1972

worlds leading supplier of the finest quality church items for over 35 years.

5000m2 Kerkbeelden, Kroonluchters, kerkbanken, kandelaars, Biechtstoelen, Kelken, Monstranzen, Wierookvaten, Altaren, Preekstoelen, Tafels, Boekenkasten, Etc.

For more than 140 years Hoogeerd Hotel Restaurant Zalen has been a real family business for more than 140 years. Once started as a farm with a café for skippers. Now evolved into a welcoming location on the Maas where you can eat & drink & stay overnight. And, just like in the old days, many things are still being done. The relaxed atmosphere and the location on the Maas create the right conditions for successful consultation. At Hoogeerd it is about relaxing being together. Doing things together and doing together.

Moeke Mooren: literally and figuratively a unique spot in “Het Land van Maas en Waal” and far outside. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a smashing view in the glazed veranda “De Serre” or on the Panorama deck. Enjoy a delightful wedding or a spectacular party in one of our halls. Enjoy a great lunch or dinner in Restaurant “De Gruijterij” or enjoy a drink together with your friends or business partners in “Moeke’s Kaffeej”. It’s all possible in Moeke Mooren and afterwards you don’t have to drive home because you can also book your overnight stay in one of our hotel rooms.

FLUMINALIS is verreweg ’s werelds meest vooraanstaande onderneming op het gebied van religieuze objecten.

FLUMINALIS ist mit Abstand das weltweit führendes Unternehmen auf dem Gebiet der religiösen Objekte.

NOAH’S ARK is the world’s only floating exhibition of Bible stories. Created from the fertile brain of Dutch TV and Theatre producer Sir Aad Peters, The Ark is a half-sized replica of Noah’s original boat and an educational and cultural celebration of many of the Bible’s legendary stories. From Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Goliath and countless more, this quirky, creative, and extraordinary space is an experience visitors will never forget. Covering 2, 000 square metres and 4 floors, the biblical stories are brought to life through an array of unique wooden carved sculptures, the centre of which is the tree of life growing 12 metres up through the middle of the ship. No matter what you believe, the Ark creates a talking point for visitors to reflect on and discuss their own experiences, often finding common ground on stories shared between people with or without faith. In the ten years since the boat was created over half a million visitors, including many schools have launched their own education projects based around the themes on The Ark. For millennia, Noah’s Ark has been the symbol of hope. Aad Peters has already taken his Ark and the message of hope to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Norway and for the first time has brought it to Britain.

One of the world's largest inland sand projects, the Zandverhalen, is located in Elburg. With some 4000 m3 of sand, dozens of lock gates, 1000-year-old olive trees, botters and sculptures, the stories of our culture of Bibles and botters are recreated. Come and experience the Sand Stories. After an exciting voyage of discovery along the impressive sand sculptures, you can observe again quietly from the Beach Tent. Various drinks, snacks and meals are served.

The Gardens of Appeltern are situated in the area between the Meuse and Waal rivers in the village of Appeltern Nearby Fluminalis. The Netherlands largest garden idea park.

Never equaled collection of innumerable reliqious statues from chapels, monasteries, churches and cathedrals.