"BEST PACKING COMPANY" according to our Japanese and Australian clients in 2005-2006 ! All steps of packing under own management. We are shipping all over the world since 1979, from small parcels to complete 40ft containers. Please ask for references. Of course it is possible to choose your own shipper. Shipping is possible through UPS-SCS AIRFREIGHT. By air takes about 5 - 10 days door-to-door service. Shipping costs can be calculated exactly for every item. Costs depanding on: address, weight, measurements and insurance. Payment should be done in advance by banktransfer or money-wire after receiving invoice from Fluminalis. We ship immediately after receiving payment. Fluminalis provides always pictures by e-mail from whole packing and shipping process, Fluminalis provides tracking/shipping nrs and all needed documents for Customs as invoices and pro-forma invoices. The buyer must check the legality of importing the items he is planning to order. Ask the local authorities about the possibilities regarding duties and costs. Fluminalis is not responsible for goods which are transshipped. Custom-duties and local taxes, importation-rights, Brokerage fees, or federal taxes are not payed by Fluminalis in any case.For any more questions please  ask for Harald Peters. E-mail directly to: harald@fluminalis.com

Shipping notice: Customer resumes all responsibility for any injuries or allergic reactions caused by any and all of the purchased  objects after delivery. Also injuries or allergic reactions incurred by the packing material the objects are delivered in. If there is any damage to the crats or boxes, please note this damage on your bill of loading prior to signing !

If you experience a problem with the item you purchase or problems with your delivery please contact us before you post your feedback we are always here to assist you. 

Notice ! May not ship to : Malta. India. Philippines. Africa exept the republic of South Africa.

Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)

BREAKING DOWN Delivered Duty Unpaid - DDU

Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) was not included in the most recent (2010) edition of the International Chamber of Commerce's Incoterms, but it is still used in international trade parlance. The official term that best describes the function of DDU is currently Delivery at place DAP). On paper, the term is followed by the location of delivery, for example, "DDU: Port of Los Angeles." 

According to DDU arrangements, the seller secures licenses and takes care of other formalities involved in exporting a good; they are also responsible for all licenses and costs incurred in transit countries, as well as providing an invoice at their own cost. The seller assumes all risk until the goods are delivered at the specified location, but they have no obligation to obtain insurance on the goods. 

The buyer is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses for importing the goods and paying all relevant taxes, duties and inspection costs. All risks involved in this process are borne by the buyer. Once the goods are placed at the disposal of the buyer, all further transportation costs and risks fall on them.

Establishing Power of Attorney for a Customs Broker

Before conducting any importing transactions, the power of attorney must be established by the person or firm for whom the Customs Broker is working as an agent. Any person named in a power of attorney must be a resident of the United States and must have been authorized to accept service of process for the person or firm that has issued the POA.

After retaining a POA, a Customs Broker does not have to file it with the port director. Instead, they must retain the power of attorney with their own books and papers, and make it available to the Department of the Treasury.

In the most simplified terms, a POA can only be granted to a United States resident and must be granted directly from the person or firm. Once granted, the power of attorney will allow the Broker to act on behalf of the person or firm.

A Customs Broker will provide their own form to establish a power of attorney.

Establishing a POA is a necessary step in the process of importing in the United States. Whether you are using a Customs Broker, a member of your staff, or different third-party to complete your transactions with Customs, a power of attorney will be required in most cases to establish the right to make entry.


Shipper provide crated driveway drop for large furniture items. Customer must uncrate, dispose of the crating material and move the item into their home. Small items are boxed and shipped with several services. We do not schedule your delivery so please communicate with the delivery company to discuss your delivery. If you have specific circumstances concerning your delivery quote, 2nd floor, 3rd floor no elevators, limited driveway access please let us know.

We reserve the right to cancel an order if there was an error in our prices, listings or the product is no longer available.


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